The following gives you an inside of who I am and why I created Me American T

Having been born in Jordan, I arrived in The United States of America as a toddler. Although my family was very excited for America’s life changing opportunities, my parents... like many, were also purposeful to maintain our cultural traditions. As a result, I have been enriched by understanding and appreciating my country of birth while embracing and loving my pride for America.

Fast-forward a few decades, I had the honor of marrying an amazing woman who's heritage comes from Mexico. We now have two incredible boys who are true examples of America’s multiculturalism. They are American, Jordanian and Mexican. At home, we ensure that our boys know of their rich cultural customs and foster a true love for America because who knows what my life or your life would look like today with out this great land of liberty.


With lifestyle being of vital importance to Americans– whether born in the U.S.A. or elsewhere – the idea for the creation of Me American T came quite naturally. After all, why not show off your country of origin? Why not make a bold statement that may cause others to tap you on the shoulder and say, “hey, me too!!” Use your MAT swag to flaunt your country colors. Express your love. Show your pride. Celebrate who you are and stand tall in honor of your ancestors while strengthening your American culture.


With Me American T apparel, you may be surprised to find out just how many more folks that share your heritage are all around you! And this is what it's really all about; using style with substance to make an impact!

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